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How pornography works

Philosophy lecturer Aidan McGlynn discusses his research on pornography as propaganda

Disclaimer: Whilst not explicit, this podcast does deal with adult themes.

You can also download the full transcript of this podcast below:
Transcript – How Pornography Works

Aidan’s previous focus has mostly been on issues in epistemology to do with knowledge, belief, justification and the various issues in the philosophy of language and the mind. In the last couple of years, Aidan has turned his attention to more socially and politically charged topics within philosophy, including pornography.

Propaganda and the authority of pornography

Aidan’s paper on propaganda and pornography (McGlynn, 2016) explores to what extent pornography can be seen as a type of misogynist propaganda. You can read a general introduction to his work via his blog post at The Forum.
London School of Economics | Guest blog by Aidan McGlynn – Porn as Propaganda

The paper draws on work from Rae Langton (1993), Catharine MacKinnon (1993), Susan Brownmiller (1975) and Jason Stanley (2015).

About Aidan McGlynn

Aidan McGlynn is a lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh.


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