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Communicating research: a student’s perspective

Explaining research is key to understanding it, says psychology student Allie Mcgregor

The ability to communicate complex research is increasingly seen as a core part of academic life. But how does it fit into the student experience?

We asked Psychology student and PPLS blogger to share her thoughts on the importance of communicating research – for both students and lecturers.

“If we don’t write news, write blogs, or even write tweets about what we’re discovering, how can we expect it to change the minds or lives of those who haven’t studied what we’ve studied?”

– Allie Mcgregor, psychology student

Read more about Allie’s thoughts on the PPLS student blog site:

The importance of communicating research

About Allie Mcgregor

Allie McGregor is currently studying Psychology in the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences at the University of Edinburgh. She is one of several student ambassadors writing blogs, news articles and tweets to help the school reach a wider audience.

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