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Doctor Who: Cyborgs, Robots and Aliens

Philosophy lecturer Alasdair Richmond explores the real-world concerns of Doctor Who

Calling all Whovians! Have you ever wondered how much of what goes on in Doctor Who is underpinned by real science?

In an article for The Conversation, Alasdair Richmond takes a deep dive into the real-world concerns that the famous sci-fi franchise might address, such as the possibility of integrating technology with biological systems, aka “cyborging” as he calls it.

“In terms of mechanical pets, reality has only given us Tamagotchi – thankfully devoid of lasers.”

– Alasdair Richmond,
Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh

To find out more about the science related to regeneration and other quirks of the Whoniverse, read the full online article:

The Conversation – Doctor Who vs real-world science: who comes up trumps?

About Alasdair Richmond

Alasdair Richmond is a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh. His research interests include time travel, philosophy of science and Hume on miracles.

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