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Edinburgh Skeptics: Research in Speech Disfluency

Head of Psychology Martin Corley speaks to Edinburgh Skeptics Society ahead of his Fringe show about disfluency


“If you’re a scientist and you’re not a skeptic,
you’re not a scientist as far as I’m concerned”

– Martin Corley,
Head of Psychology at the University of Edinburgh

Listen to the Skeptics Podcast with Martin below.

How does the way you speak influence others’ judgements?

Psychology researcher Martin Corley explores why saying “um” makes you less believable.

Martin’s research centres on the mistakes we make in speech production, from the “ums”, the “uhs” and self-corrections in everyday conversation, to the ways in which the mouth moves to make sounds.

Ahead of his Fringe show with Edinburgh Skeptics in August 2017, Martin spoke to host Danny Robertson about his speech disfluency research.

Edinburgh Skeptics Presents… 10 Qs @ the Fringe: Martin Corley

About Martin Corley

Martin Corley is Head of Psychology at the University of Edinburgh.

Focused on errors in speech production, he has supervised over 20 PhD students and also published over 50 academic papers.

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