Gender Pay Gap Scales

Gender pay gap persists in Scotland

Senior Lecturer in Philosophy Elinor Mason comments on the gender pay gap in light of the Sturgeon equality pledge

In November 2015, Scotland’s prime minister Nicola Sturgeon promised to legislate for gender equality on government bodies. Although research by The Ferret shows that women now hold nearly half of all board positions in public bodies, a significant gender pay gap still stands.

Philosopher Dr Elinor Mason from the University of Edinburgh outlines how the gender pay gap and other indicators of gender equality suggest that Scotland is far behind its Scandinavian neighbours such as Iceland and Norway.

“We should ask why women’s work is paid less”

– Elinor Mason,
Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh

Read the full article to hear from Elinor and other experts:

The Ferret – Scotland adds 80 women board members since Sturgeon equality pledge

About Elinor Mason

Elinor Mason is a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh. Her research interests include moral philosophy, feminism and also the philosophy of gender.

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