Edinburgh Festival Fringe - photo of 2018 brochure

Researchers at the 2018 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Philosophy, psychology and linguistics researchers will take the stage at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe

The world’s biggest arts festival, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, is returning next month from Friday 3 until Friday 27 August.

Researchers from the School of PPLS at the University of Edinburgh will contribute to this yearly festival with theatre, and also spoken word shows as part of the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas and Skeptics on the Fringe:

Languages, love, feminism and reason

For three weeks of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, relationship researcher Dr Sarah Stanton will be part of the theatre drama ‘Casanova Dreaming’, a story of love, loss and death.

Meanwhile, bilingualism researcher Professor Antonella Sorace, neuroscientist Dr Thomas Bak and feminist philosopher Dr Elinor Mason will debate hot topics at the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas.

Philosophy lecturer Dr Dave Ward is also performing the Fringe, where he will explore why ‘clear’ and ‘rational’ ideas have been at the heart of European and American philosophy for the past 300 years as part of Skeptics on the Fringe.

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