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Baby talk words

Child language researcher Barbora Skarabela on baby talk and language development in infants

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Transcript – Baby talk words

Should we really be using baby words with infants?

Linguists at the University of Edinburgh have been researching the use of baby talk words and Dr Barbora Skarabela is one of them.

Barbora and her colleagues recently did a study which found that words like “choo-choo” help babies pick up language quicker than adult language alone!

Listen to the podcast to find out more about this research into children’s language development.

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Getting involved in baby talk research

Are you a psychology or linguistics student at Edinburgh? Contact Dr Barbora Skarabela to find out more about current opportunities in supporting research in language development.
Barbora Skarabela

About Wee Science

Wee Science is a group of researchers at the University of Edinburgh who study how babies and children learn to think and talk.
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